“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” movie scores 54 million dollars at the box office

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” scores an incredible 54 million dollars at the box office in the first weekend.  The sum defied all expectations, adding 20 million dollars to the best forecast made, The Hollywood Reporter announces.

Before the premiere of the film, that is relaunching a franchise which is decades old, the expectations were not that optimistic for the first weekend at the box office. Despite the great word of mouth, the movie was expected to cash in about 30 million dollars. And there came the surprise. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” cashed in almost double: 54 million dollars.

One of the top attractions of the film was the incredibly human monkeys. They are so realistic that their resemblance to humans struck even more. The images were created with the help of advanced performance capture technology.  The movie, directed by Rupert Wyatt, is starring Andy Serkis, James Franco, Frida Pinto and John Lithgow. Although the movie is appealing to all ages and sexes, women weren’t among the most expected in the audience. Despite that, according to the exit polls they counted for 44% of the total audience.
Financed by Fox, Dune Entertainment and Ingenious, the movie had a budget of 93 million dollars.

The weekend’s other cinema choices were “The Change-Up”, “The Smurfs” and “Cowboys and Aliens”. “The Change-Up” landed on number four in the Box Office, cashing in only 13.5 million dollars. The Smurfs added 21 millions this weekend to a total domestic cume of 76.2 million dollars. This weekend, Cowboys and Aliens cashed in 15.8 millions for a domestic total of 67.4 million dollars.

If you haven’t seen “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” yet, check out the trailer below:


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  1. “attractions of the film was the incredibly human monkeys” Wrong …. APES not monkeys …. Does the one who wrote the above even know thw difference between Apes and monkeys ?

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