Rihanna Strips For Esquire’s June Issue

Rihanna has agreed to take off her clothes for the June issue of the Esquire magazine, according to Us Weekly. The Barbadian singer allowed photographer Matt Irwin to take photos of her wearing nothing but accessories. The topless image was used to embellish the cover of the British publication.

Rihanna is slowly replacing her singer image with that of a sexy celebrity by flaunting her curvy body in various magazines. Her most recent pictorial was for the June issue of Esquire UK magazine and it is the first one in which the 24-year-old interpreter is going completely topless. RiRi is only using her hands and several accessories to cover her breasts in the image.

The June issue of Esquire also features an interview with the Barbadian star. She told reporters everything there was to know about the recent events in her life, such as, her health problems, her collaboration with Chris Brown and her future plans.

Rihanna confessed that she is making great efforts to ignore the attention that she receives from the media and the fans. The “Where Have You Been” artist is only living her life, but people tend to document everything she does and to analyze it from every perspective. There are, of course, aspects she would like to keep secret, but is really hard with all the prying eyes fixed upon her. In the end, she has learned to ignore all the envy or the negative comments and to focus only on her career and her future plans.

Speaking about negative comments, Rihanna remembered that listeners were really upset when she decided to give Chris Brown another chance and to collaborate with him. They all thought the two were going to get back together as a couple, but RiRi confessed that she was only interested in making good music. She was actually surprised to see that people paid more attention to the reconciliation rumors instead of the song.

The 24-year-old pop star has a life that many would consider perfect and yet, there are several aspects that she would change, nonetheless. Rihanna plans to meet the perfect man for her and start her own family. Meanwhile, she is ‘in love’ with singer Cheryl Cole, whom she considers to be very hot and beautiful.

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  1. Rihanna has herpes- everyone knows she’s pretending like she doesn’t. She can’t stick to one man. The se* obviously can’t keep her relationships together neither can her fame or success as a musician. She’s always sleeping around and now she’s tweeting- treat her like a queen, fuck her like a porn star. Please get a life. The world’s greatest porn stars have marital problems and relationship problems. Strippers, prostitutes, po** stars and bad girls like Rihanna who are always fucking like hoes- there is a list of people with herpes in hollywood right now on thejudiciaryreport. Look at how nasty they are, sleeping around without condoms, getting stds.

  2. So does Madonna- that’s why at the end of her ‘girls gone wild’ video she started crying black tears and sang about trying so hard to be good but she can’t while a group of models surrounded her, humping her basically. These people have stds and herpes. This notion that rihanna has about treat her like a queen, f*ck her like a porn star. Look at the world- there are 5 year old porn stars having sex with old men and 10 year old prostitutes with lots of attitude from sexual experience. The judiciary report is true! These musicians are actors and actresses- they are pretending like they don’t have stds or aids. Some women don’t look like they have it- Nadja Benaissa and lots of various women.

  3. Leave RiRi alone, she is incredibly beautiful, funny, intelligent & an awesome singer & actress. Just read her Esquire interview to get a better insight to what makes the woman tick. The only argument people come up with is that she wears few if any clothes, but look at her record sales, so you tell me who is the stupid one. And as for her having std’s where did you read that? On the Internet because that’s always accurate.

  4. She does not have herpes nor does she sleep around. Where are you getting your facts from? She’s only been confirmed to have slept with three people: her exes. Isn’t she 24? Nothing wrong with a grown (HOT!) woman stripping down if she pleases. She isn’t married and has no kids so she’s not responsible for anyone but herself. She’s not a role model, she’s an entertainer. As long as she keeps making music the fans enjoy who cares if she likes to get half naked? That’s HER prerogative and affects no one but HER. Rihanna’s music is aimed at people 17+ years anyway. Obviously, this is how her FANS like her: raunchy and uncensored. She’s doing what she wants while giving her fans what they like. Go on her Twitter or Facebook and you’ll see for yourself the MILLIONS that love Rihanna just as she is because she doesn’t give a f_ck! If she does have younger fans, than their PARENTS have deemed her appropriate for them. THEY are responsible for THEIR own children, not a single childless carefree young performer. Her job is to make music that her fans love and to keep them entertained. Evidently she’s still doing that. So good on her!!

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