Rihanna is the New Dior Girl

Rihanna has always been linked to the fashion world and it seems that now the star has a brand new project with Dior. The beautiful and talented singer has become the newest Dior girl. Reportedly, the singer will star in the newest Dior’s Secret Garden video series. 

Of course, Rihanna will also be featured in a print campaign, which is set to debut this spring. Reportedly, the images will be shot by famous Steven Klein. Well, this is not the first project of this kind for Rihanna. The star has also been featured in a Balmain campaign and she actually is a creative director for Puma. Rihanna also worked for Armani, but she is famous at the same time for her numerous covers in Vogue. Without a doubt, the singer has the skills for success in the fashion business, too. 

The fact that Rihanna has become the new face of the famous fashion brand is no shock after all, since the star is well-known for her love for all the creations released by the designer brand. Rihanna has various times been spotted wearing Dior and some fashion analysts even went to call her the “Dior princess.” Well, without a doubt the fashion empire that Dior definitely is today will have to benefit from the association with Rihanna. 

Actually, Dior is already praised for its decision to team with a black star. So, this means that Rihanna is Dior’s first black campaign star, since ever. When it comes to other famous women who became Dior faces, some stars that can be mentioned are Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard, but also Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman. Dior has been under criticism in the past few years for its lack of diversity. So, it definitely seems that Rihanna is already making history at the famous brand. 

Well, no other details regarding the campaign were revealed now, but it looks that Rihanna will be quite busy in the following months. The star has recently been rumored to be dating famous actor Leonardo Di Caprio. However, the rumors were dismissed, although the two stars were spotted together on various occasions. 

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