Rick Ross Charged with Kidnapping

It seems that things are not looking well for Rick Ross, as the famous rapper was arrested and charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. The charges are linked to an incident which occurred on June 7, at what is believed to be the rapper’s residence. 

Both Rick Ross and another man, believed to be his bodyguard, Nadrian Lateef James, were arrested on the scene of the events. Both Ross and this other man will remain at the Fayette County jail. Neither of the two men opposed the arrest. However, reaching them took a bit of trouble for the officers. 

“They refused to open the gate, so we opened the gate for them,” a police spokesperson said. “They didn’t put up a struggle or anything,” he added. 

Allegedly, Rick and Jams hit a man with a handgun several times, knocking out two teeth and causing neck and jaw injuries. The two are said to have held this man at a guest house, against his will. Some reports indicated that the alleged victim was working for Rick, in his home. Other details of the case, why they kidnapped the man and what really happened were not revealed now. However, Rick Ross is not a stranger to arrests. 

So, this is not the first time when the famous musician deals with some problems with the law. Actually, he was arrested earlier this month on a misdemeanor marijuana charge. And of course, this wasn’t his first arrest. Ross was also arrested back in 2013, in North Carolina, and in 2011, in Louisiana, on the same marijuana charges. His first arrest dates back to 2008, when he was taken into custody by the police in Miami. 

Well, it is yet to see what will happen in this case. For now, it seems that Rick Ross was denied bond. According to reports, both Ross and James will remain in jail until July 1, when the preliminary hearing on the case will be taking place. 

Rick Ross is well known for his single Hustlin. He is also known for being the founder of the Maybach Music Group.

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