Richie Sambora won’t say if he’s dating Denise Richards again

Rocker Richie Sambora is very secretive about his romantic life at the moment. Rumors have built up that he is dating Denise Richards again, but the guitarist won’t say if the rumors are true, says Access Hollywood.

The Keep A Child Alive’s 8th annual Black Ball is an opportunity for the celebrities to give a helping hand to the children in need. Among them, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is very passionate about helping kids with AIDS. So on Thursday, while attending the gala and supporting the AIDS cause, he was approached by reporters concerning a different matter as well: is he or isn’t he dating the gorgeous blonde who was the wife of Charlie Sheen?  Sambora, who was very reporter-friendly, laughed and answered “things are good”. That wasn’t really an answer to the question. He knew that, the reporter knew that…so he added “and I’m very happy!”

Ok, that didn’t do the trick either! So the reporter, confused about the music star’s answer, asked again, reformulating. He wanted to know whether the rumors are true or not. “Things are good, and I’m happy, that’s what I’m saying”, Sambora repeated, never losing the smile on his face.

Richie Sambora, 52, and Denise Richards, 40, first started dating four years ago.  He was previously married to actress Heather Locklear, with whom he has a 14-year-old girl, Ava. Denise was married to Charlie Sheen and they have two daughters together: Sam, who is 7 and Lola, who is 6. She recently adopted a third baby, a girl named Eloise.

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