Rex Tillerson: Assad’s reign in Syria ‘coming to an end’: US hopes Russia will abandon Syria

Today secretary of state Rex Tillerson is heading to Moscow for meetings with top officials. Now one of the big questions on the table did the Russians know about this Syrian chemical attack before it happened.

A new report claims that they did!

And how do Americans feel about that U.S. strike. Well a new ABC News and Washington Post poll suggests most support it,  but only by a small margin a very close race there.

Secretary of State lands there this morning after meeting with allies in Europe where he called on Russia for not keeping its promise to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons.

Rex Tillerson states:

Stockpiles and continued use demonstrate that Russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver its 2013 commitment. It is unclear whether Russia failed to take this obligation seriously or Russia has been in competition with this distinction doesn’t much matter to the dead.

There had been some concern during Clinton’s confirmation that he would be soft on Russia but he’s going to Moscow with a very tough message.

He clearly has a tough message for Russia. Rex Tillerson saying this morning that Russia needs to take a hard look at its relationship with Assad asking whether siding with such an unreliable partners in Russia’s best interest.

Now the Russians have said that their support for Syria is not unconditional. and the relationship with the U.S. is lower than it was during the Cold War and that was even before the chemical weapons attack and before the U.S. missile strikes.

Still this morning in regards to the meeting the Russians declare:

 We expect constructive cooperation rather than confrontation alleviating tensions rather than escalating them.

Russians also said he would not be meeting with President Putin that means he’s the first secretary of state who won’t be meeting with a Russian leader on his first visit.

Now we have this new question about whether Russia knew about the chemical weapons attack before it happened?

We have some story saying that they did know that the Russians were aware of this chemical attack was about to happen. White House is saying at this time there is no U.S. intelligence community consensus that Russia had for knowledge of the Syrian chemical attack.

So the White House is denying that. But we don’t know whether or not some of the 17 intelligence agencies actually do believe Russia was.
The secretary also firming up his anti-Assad stance saying it’s clear to all of us that the reign of Assad’s family is coming to an end.

We’ve heard those mixed messages. What we don’t know is exactly what they mean by that and what will happen next?
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