DUBTurbo Beat Maker Software Review

DUBTurbo Beat Maker Software is the perfect product for beginner and intermediate music producers looking for an inexpensive program that may be used to create different sounds and rhythms. There are many options and features that the software has been provided with so DUBTurbo Beat Maker is a great alternative for more advanced and expensive programs.

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Just because DUBTurbo costs a lot less than the programs that professional music producers use, it doesn’t mean that it has not been provided with all the necessary features. In fact, the DUBTurbo Sequencer allows owners to use keyboard shortcuts and quickly create sounds. 16 tracks of stereo booming sound, as well as 1000 sounds and drums have been added to the software giving users the possibility to mix them and create an unlimited number of songs. The created sounds can be easily edited and modified with the help of the keyboard shortcuts.

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The Drum Machine Panel may be used to produce beats on the keyboard by simply typing them, whereas the Octave Keyboard reproduces the melodies through keys and not through MIDI controllers. This component has been foreseen with a large range of sounds from pianos to saxes, stabs, hip hop sounds, quirks, bass, bells, etc. The archive can be enriched by uploading the sounds available on your computer, as well.

DUBTurbo Beat Maker is not just compatible with PCs, but with pretty much any type of device you have in your home. You can install it on your Mac, on an iPhone or an iPad and start creating sounds. Moreover, the software may be accessed online, so buyers can use it any time and place as long as they have an Internet connection.

Unlike other music programs, DUBTurbo offers the best quality price report you can find on the market. The package that you can order on the Internet for only $29.99 contains the DUBTurbo Sequencer, a DT Instrumental pack, 4 premium sample packs and movie or mood music. The program will become even more advanced in the future as the producing company offers customers 20 years of premium updates.

If you want to start a career as a music producer, DUBTurbo is the software you want to start with. It does not require too much money, it has numerous audio editing features and it can be used to create an infinite number of sounds and beats.

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