Recalls Not Affecting Sales for GM

Despite the increased number of recalls of GM cars, it seems that sales have not been affected, General Motors announced. This year, GM recalled no less than 29 million cars. 

So, what GM wanted to share is the fact that sales are unaffected by the recalls of various vehicle models, linked to different issues that were traced in these cars. In fact, it seems that the recalls and the bad name that GM has made for itself in this huge scandal is not in fact determining a decrease of the company’s sales, which are actually in continuous growth. 

Moreover, GM claimed that at least in the United States, sales grew with one percent, in the month of June. The most popular GM vehicle in this country currently is the Buick Encode small SUV. 

The ignition switches problem traced in GM vehicles has actually led to a huge scandal. General Motors claimed that they are now focused on delivering the best quality to its clients. Moreover, GM said that they are very interested in safety. The concern of the company came after GM received an impressive fine for not addressing the ignition switches problem in time. It has been claimed that GM knew about this problem, but failed to react at the right time. The ignition switches problem was linked to no less than 13 death and numerous accidents. 

General Motors is not the only car maker which traced various problems in its vehicles. Toyota and Nissan are other car makers which needed to recall certain vehicles due to various issues. Ford and Volkswagen also had to deal with problems which actually determined a decrease in sales. 

What was criticized most about General Motors is the fact that almost all vehicle models it currently has in sale were in a way or another affected by a recall. This means that the famous car maker has announced a recall for almost every car model that it makes. Naturally, this had led to a lot of criticism and controversy, being claimed that the entire company might have a problem. GM said that they are reviewing all their vehicles and will call in all the cars that might have an issue, regardless of its nature.

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