Rebecca Black releases new song on July 18

Singer Rebecca Black has in plan to release a new song on July 18. The song is called “My Moment” and it depicts the singer’s rise to fame, Reuters reports.

Singer Rebecca Black is only 14 years old and we could not say she is a veteran in the showbiz, like the Jonas brothers, Selena Gomez or Dakota Fanning. But this girl has caught a big wave of fame and she’s riding it. Rebecca Back has previously released a song called “Friday” which was ridiculed by many after being uploaded to YouTube. However, it was seen by so many people that it turned her into a big teen sensation.
Friday was a music video made with a low budget. The California girl made it with a boutique record label and boy, that was a hit! Her mother paid nearly 4,000 dollars for the expenses of all the video producing was about. The video was uploaded about three months ago and it had about 176 million views on YouTube. But later, the video was removed from the website because of a dispute that appeared with the label.

Her next song, “My Moment” is an artistic expression of Black’s rise to fame literally overnight. “My Moment” is written by Brandon “Blue” Hamilton and Quinton Tolbert. Hamilton has worked with one of the most powerful teen pop icon of the moment, Justin Bieber. The music video shows Black receiving an award, attending glamorous events like movie premieres and many others.

Her Friday video was all about fun with friends. It depicts her riding a car and singing about having fun during the weekend with her friends. The song is all about partying on a Friday night. Despite the huge number of viewers, the video received numerous negative comments from those seeing it. “Is this the worst music video ever?” added the website Gawker. Later on, Dlisted called the song “bullet to your sense of hearing.”

Let’s see what happens now, that the pro’s are involved in the project.

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