Razer Nabu X, an interesting smartband

Probably, most people and potential customers will associate Razer with a mouse, a gaming laptop or other gaming devices. Back at CES 2014, Razer had some new plans, and it intended to enter the fitness tracker and smartband market with the new Nabu.

That device was a black wristband that combines basic fitness tracking features with an OLED screen for displaying notifications. One year later, the company returned to Vegas with a new band, called Nabu X. This band has replaced the screen with three LED lights and a much lower price tag.

Unfortunately, the previous model has never really saw a proper commercial rollout, but this new band started to gain popularity and is now on every store shelves.

Probably, the most important thing about the Nabu X compared with Nabu is that it comes with a cheaper price. The new Nabu X is available at the price of 50 dollars and is currently running a two-for-one promotion, meaning that customers will have the opportunity to buy one for 25 dollars. Nabu X comes with a simple and clean design, covered in black silicone rubber. Probably, due to its rubber the band will attract lots of dust, but thankfully it’s water resistant, so users will can run it under the sink.  

Charging the band is probably a little inconvenient because the new Nabu X uses a propriety port, meaning that users will have to carry another cord in their bag. However, the battery life is pretty good and the company claims that Nabu X will last approximately a week. The band is a 3-axis accelerometer that is used for step counting and to track owner’s overall distance each day. Razer Nabu X syncs with both iOS and Android via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Windows Phone support isn’t yet offered and Razer declared that it is hard to offer the same functionality on Microsoft’s platform.

Up front there are placed three round LEDs that will light up whenever notifications come on the user’s phone. Tapping twice on it, the band will get an update on daily fitness goals, like calories burned and total steps.

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