Ray J Hospitalized For “Exhaustion And Jet Lag”

Us Weekly informs that Ray J was hospitalized for “exhaustion and jet lag” on Monday, shortly after the Billboard Music Awards took place. The singer was very tired because he had been traveling a lot in the past days so doctors advised him to get some rest.

Ray J’s schedule was very busy lately because the hip hop artist had to hold various shows across China and attend important music events, such as, the Billboard Music Awards. Last weekend, Ray J was on a 32-hour flight from China to Las Vegas and the trip proved to be very exhausting. Moreover, the 31-year-old singer had to host a party for the launching of his new hair serum called “Prince Reigns” at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Given that he was unable to rest properly throughout this whole time, Ray J fell sick, so his staff had to rush him to the hospital on Monday morning. According to doctors, the singer suffered from “exhaustion” caused by traveling long-distances on jet airplanes. The affection is commonly known as “jet lag”. Ray will be kept under surveillance in the following days, so doctors make sure that he gets enough rest.

His exhaustion hasn’t been caused only by lack of rest, but also by Whitney Houston’s recent death. Sources claim that Ray J used to be in an on and off relationship with the music legend and he was devastated to hear about her death. He told the press shortly after Houston was found dead on February 11 that he finds it very difficult to cope with the emptiness that he carries in his heart. He further added that Whitney Houston was perceived as a music legend by most of the people, but she was his closest friend and nobody could ever replace her.

Although time is said to heal all wounds, Ray J continues to suffer even after all these months. On March 9, he declared that the only thing helping him make it through the days is the picture of his best friend.

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