Raumfeld One S, the perfect speaker for bathroom or kitchen

Probably, everyone knows that Sonos has been the leader on the music streaming market for a long period of time. Over the years, many companies have released devices on this market, devices that came with incredible new features which managed to attract a lot of customers. 

Some of these new brands, are Denon, Bose, Yamaha or DTS. So, it looks like there is time of a new brand, a German brand, called Raumfeld to make its presence felt on the market. This new brand has released a speaker that is called Raumfeld One S and which comes with some interesting new features.

For starters, the new speaker is available at the price of 249 dollars. To be added that the company’s line of wireless products is quite pricy, knowing the fact that the Stereo L costs approximately 2,000 dollars. So, this means that this new speaker is an entry-level device released by Raumfeld, but it offers some excellent sound quality and an attractive design. Compared with other competitors, like Denon’s HEOS 1, this one will probably win at a few chapters, because it is the only one that supports higher-than-CD-quality music.

As for design, the new Raumfeld One S is probably the best good-looking speaker on the market. This speaker is available in two colors: white and black, but either of these versions is dominated by a black cloth grill. So, the front and sides are covered in black acoustic cloth, while the rest of the speaker is made out of plastic. To be added that this speaker has a moisture-resistant design, which makes it perfect to be used in bathrooms or kitchens. Moreover, it also has a rubber stopper to block the ports underneath. 

To be added that Raumfeld One S has the ability to run either over Wi-Fi or via Ethernet. This means that it doesn’t have the function to run via Bluetooth, which is a minus. Therefore, there is also a USB port, meaning that it can be attached to several devices. As for performance, Raumfeld One S delivers a decent sound and it doesn’t have a problem with powering a large living area. 

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