Rapper Heavy D, dead at 44, of unknown causes

’90 rapper Heavy D was pronounced dead by L.A. Hospital doctors on Tuesday. The musician and actor was rushed to the hospital in a conscious state, but was dead one hour later, TMZ reports. He was only 44 years old. The causes are yet unknown.

Rapper Heavy D passed away on Tuesday around noon, at the Los Angeles Hospital. The musician, whose real names was Dwight Arrington Myers, was found by the ambulance in front of his home in Beverly Hills, after a call was placed from inside the building, reporting a person in an unconscious state. The phone call was made at 11:25 a.m.

When the paramedics arrived, they found Myers in a conscious state.  He was taken to the hospital for investigation and treatment, but apparently, it was too late for any of them. He stopped breathing one hour later.

There is no clue on the cause of death yet. The police and a medical team are investigating the possibilities.

Details on Myer’s last hours emerged from a police statement to TMZ. According to it, the rapper had been shopping and when started walking up the stairs on his home, he had to stop because he had trouble breathing. A neighbor of his, designer Adam Mills found him in that state and told other neighbors to call 911. Myers reportedly told him that he could not breathe.

Neighbors believe that he died of a heart attack, but a friend of the musician told TMZ that he had pneumonia.

Heavy D was best known for his ‘90s hits with Heavy D & the boys: “Now That We Found Love”, “Alright” (feat. Janet Jackson) and “Is It Good To You”. From 1987 to 2011, he released 9 albums and 2 compilations.  Of them, “Big Tyme” (1989), “Peaceful Journey” (1991) and “Nuttin’ But Love” (1994) went Platinum.

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  1. May you rest In peace, Heavy D.You were such a special type of rapper,smooth ,intelligent, very soft spoken.God only takes the best.You will truly truly be missed.May god bless your family at this time…and as you tweeted be inspired, Well I am.!!.

    A fan for life…beverly a clark..

  2. So sorry to hear of Heavy D’s passing. I grew up listening and dancing to his songs. He was a unique artist that really knew his craft well. The music industry has lost a giant.

    R.I.P Heavy D


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