Ralph Lauren In Charge Of U.S. Uniforms For London Olympics

There’s nobody better than Ralph Lauren to give the U.S. Olympics team style and elegance on the closing ceremony podium. With Ralph Lauren in charge of U.S. uniforms for London Olympics, we can only expect the 800 members of our team to look sharp.

It’s the third time Ralph Lauren is in charge of the uniforms for the United States’ Olympics team. First time Ralph Lauren served the sports’ industry with tasteful uniforms was back during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. One year later, the reputable King of American cool signed an agreement with the United States Olympic Committee to supply uniforms for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Polo Ralph Lauren is huge in the sports fashion industry and their attire is instantly recognizable. The work it did for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing was outstanding. The U.S. Olympics team wore crisp white pants, navy blazers accompanied by scarf ascots and red-striped ties.

This Wednesday, Ralph Lauren released a few hints regarding the U.S. Olympics team attire for the 2012 London Games. The released outfits are part of the attire the 800 members of the U.S. team is going to wear during the closing parade and in the Olympic Village.

Featured by “Today”, Ralph Lauren’s unveiled creations are in fact sketches of attire inspired by tennis and yacht wear, highlighted with red and navy. The women in the 2012 Olympic Team USA are going to wear white button front blouse with Team USA and Big Pony logos and a skirt of knee length that buttons down the front during the closing ceremony.  For men, Ralph Lauren had in mind white pleat-front trousers and a sport shirt with front white buttons. Both uniforms have silk red, white and navy belts.

Until July 27th, Ralph Lauren is going to keep the rest of his sketches and Olympic attire under the key. However, if you’re into the sports’ attire you can always check out Ralph Lauren’s consumer version of the 2012 Team USA Olympic collection. This May the Ralph Lauren 2012 Team USA Olympic collection for consumers becomes available for purchase online, the designer’s shops and Team USA locations.

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