Rajeev Suri Named CEO of Nokia

Nokia has a new CEO. Rajeev Suri was just named the new CEO of the famous company. However, he will only occupy this position starting with May 1. This means that in just one day, Suri will officially become the new CEO of the networks division of Nokia. 

The former CEO of the company is Risto Siilasmaa, who has actually been serving as acting CEO for Nokia. The fact that the deal between Nokia and Microsoft has been completed and the purchase is over was announced by reps for the famous company on Friday. 

For Rajeev Suri, this is not a completely unknown position. In fact, Suri has served as the CEO of Nokia Solutions and Networks. This is a role that Suri has had since October 2009. As it seems that he had done a great job in this role, Suri might be the perfect person to serve as CEO at Nokia. 

However, it is important to mention that Rajeev Suri will meet quite a great challenge. In the first quarter, Nokia has registered a loss of no less than $312 million. Unfortunately for the company, sales have only decreased in the past few years. Continuing operations fell 15 percent in sales, while discontinued operations registered a feel of no less than 30 percent, naturally when it comes to sales.

Networks revenue also decreased and while Nokia avoided to say how many phones it sold in this first quarter, what is certain is that sales have decreased. The fact that the popularity of Nokia’s phones has paled is not a secret, for anyone. Last year, Nokia sold a number of 5.6 million Lumia smartphones. 

Maybe the purchase by Microsoft will turn out being a good thing for the famous company. What will be released next is about to see, but it seems that the phone markers will focus on the launch of an Android phone, which is currently called X. Actually, Nokia made the announcement on the release of this new phone about two months before the merger with Microsoft was completed. 

How will Nokia manage to make an important presence when it comes to smartphone makers is about to see. 

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