Radiation Therapy Improves Survival Chances

A recent study validated the use of radiation therapy as the best treatment after a lumpectomy as it improves the surviving chances for the women with early stage breast cancer. Furthermore, the scientists consider that at the aid of the therapy these patients can get to keep their breasts.

The study compiles the results of 17 worldwide trial cases that analyzed the effects radiation after lumpectomy had on the patients. The research included an impressive number of 10,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer who were observed for a period of 10 years. The authors are part of an organization of scientists from all over the world, who study the best treatments for breast cancer named Early Breast Cancer Trialists.

The researchers found that women who had the radiation treatment after their lumpectomy presented a reduced risk of dying in the next 15 years as opposed to the women who didn’t. Furthermore, only 19 percent of the women who had the treatment had a recurrence compared to an almost double percentage for the ones who opted out.

The underline of the study sums up to “radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery not only substantially reduces the risk of recurrence but also moderately reduces the risk of death from breast cancer”, as the authors wrote.

Scientists who didn’t take part in the study recognize its merit of offering proof against the double mastectomies which are nowadays no longer effective in preventing the recurrence but consider that the actual efficiency of radiation therapy after lumpectomy isn’t a new matter. Radiation is a much safer procedure currently, since the actual methods of delivering the treatment have improved.

Dr. Thomas Buchholz, chief of the oncology department at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston considers the research a solid proof that all the stages of breast cancer treatment play an important part in the patient outcome. While, dr. Dr. Kimberly Blackwell, director of the breast cancer program at Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center in Durham, N.C. stated for the press that there are slim to none chances that after a lumpectomy the patient can keep their breasts without the radiation therapy.

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