Puss in Boots Set to Outshine All Competition

The new 3D cartoon released by Paramount Pictures, Puss in Boots, is set to outshine all competitors as pre-release surveys anticipate the ticket sales over the weekend to sum up to an impressive $40 million.

The little fugitive burglar cat seems to have the edge over its close competitors, the other two movies which are being released during this fall.

“In Time” features Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in an action movie of sci-fi affiliation. Released by 20th Century Fox, “In Time” takes place in a future where people’s biological clock stops when they turn 25. The movie estimates set it at about $13 million revenue from ticket sales. Its production fees rose to $40 million.

The second competitor, “The Rum Diary” is based on a story by Hunter S. Thompson and features Johnny Depp playing the main character. The novel was written in 1961 but was published later on in 1998. This project is a very close to heart one for Depp who was friends with the novelist for a long time up to his suicide in 2005. The actor was involved in promotion events for “The Rum Diary” which took him from college campus to college campus from Berkeley to Austin. The movie is financed by Garham King’s GK Films and released by FilmDistrict as producer. Its income will most probably set somewhere between $9 and $12 million.

The main character of Puss in Boots, brought to live by Antonio Banderas’ voice,  made his first appearance in the Shrek movies as the cute and fierce side kick. The movie production costs were financed by Dream Works and amounted to $130 million. Paramount pushed Puss in Boots’ release one week in hopes of outlasting the Thanksgiving productions for children, “The Muppets” and “Happy Feet 2”.

Last fall, the studio released “Megamind” which had a better opening sales wise, summing up to $46 million but lost its momentum in the long run. DreamWorks foresees a better outcome for its latest cartoon.

Outside U.S. Paramount is releasing the production “Tintin”. Nearly 2 months earlier than the American public, audiences from 20 countries including Germany, Spain and Belgium will be watching the story wrote 82 years ago. The best start for “Tintin” so far was registered in France where it outshined the previous incomings generated by Shrek and Lord of the Rings movies.


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