PSB Imagine X2T, a dynamic sound that can also be subtle

Nowadays, the most popular devices in modern living space are the soundbars, the so called style systems. Unfortunately, they cannot convey the great sound that most of today’s music and movie soundtracks demand. For someone who is looking for a big sound, the best choice is floor-standing speakers. The recommendation for today is the PSB Imagine X2T, which is the upgrade to the PSB Image T6.

The cheaper PSB X1T was not as good as everyone expected, but X2T exceeded all expectations, delivering a great sound. PSB Imagine X2T is big when it comes to both physical size and the sound it can deliver. Even if it features a big amount of bass, it can also perform intimate performances, such as softest music. While some think that Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73 offers amazing performance for the same price, PSB Imagine X2T come with a better sound. You can find X2T at the price of 649 dollars per speaker. They measure 3 foot inches and 9-inch wide, meaning that they are very large speakers. They will require a slightly larger space in the room. 

PSB Image X2T uses a 5.25-inch midrange driver made of injection-molded poly-filled carbon fiber, nearby a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. On the speakers there are also placed 6.5-inch bass drivers constructed of a ceramic/polypropylene hybrid.

“By conducting carefully controlled blind speaker tests, then measuring all the speakers to see what sonic characteristics appealed to the listeners in the tests, we were able to figure out what matters and what doesn’t,” Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Designer, said. It is true, because PSB delivers a true-to-nature sound, with clear vocals and a subtle bass that doesn’t affect the sound. Probably the biggest rival of these X2T speakers are the Klipsch RF-62 II speakers. Specialists have declared that Klipsch speakers are an even better rock-and-rollers. There is something about that speakers that is making their music come alive.

PSB Imagine X2T are great speakers, with a sound as big as its design. Its dynamic range capabilities are amazing, treble is clear and stereo imaging is spacious and broad.

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