Prince Received Prescription before his Death

The investigation into the death of famous singer Prince remains ongoing and it seems that more things are constantly discovered. According to the latest revelations, investigators have found that a physician prescribed medication to the singer before his death. 

The finding was made after a search warrant was released for the musician’s medical records. The search warrant indicated that Prince was prescribed medication by a physician on April 7. However, this may not be all. According to the latest reports, the famous singer had underwent tests on April 20, meaning that he was submitted to medical investigations just one day before his death. 

Prince was found unconscious in his home, in Paisley Park. Unfortunately, he could not be saved. At this point, it remains unclear what treatment Prince was undergoing. However, it has been claimed that he received treatment for an illness both in 2014 and in 2015. If this has been the same illness or what the singer was dealing with remains a mystery for now. 

However, the investigation remains ongoing and most likely new things will be shared soon. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that “detectives are revisiting the scene at Paisley Park as a component of a complete investigation.” The investigation conducted by Carver County Sheriff’s office started immediately after Prince passed away. 

Meanwhile, the issue around Prince’s estate remains ongoing. Following the star’s death, a series of people have claimed to be related to the singer, seeking a share of his fortune. However, it seems that things can get very complicated, as now a man who claimed to be Prince’s son has been arrested for gun possession. The paternity has not been proven yet. 

However, the man, Carlin Q Williams, claimed that his mother had a relationship with Prince back in July 1976. Williams said that Prince actually left his mother pregnant after an encounter they had in a Missouri hotel. Carlin Q Williams was born on April 8, 1977. Williams was actually the one who asked for a DNA test to be made in order to prove that Prince is his father.

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