Premature Born Baby Found Alive In Argentinian Morgue

A couple from Argentina was shocked to see that their premature born baby was alive in the morgue 12 hours after being declared dead. According to Huffington Post, the mother, Analia Bouguet, was told that the baby was stillborn, but when she went to the morgue and opened the casket, she and her husband noticed that the baby was crying.

Analia Bouguet and her husband Fabian Veron plan to file a medical malpractice lawsuit because their child did not receive proper medical care after birth. The obstetricians, gynecologists and neonatologists who helped Analia deliver the baby reached the same conclusion: the baby was stillborn. As a result, they released a death certificate, instead of a birth one.

Much to the Argentinian’s couple surprise, the baby girl was alive and healthy even after spending 12 hours in the morgue. Bouguet told reporters that she wanted to take a second look at the baby, so she asked Veron to help her open the casket. When they unveiled the baby’s face, the newborn let her first cry out and the mother fainted.

This is the couple’s fifth child; yet the first to be born at only 26 weeks. The medical staff who is now taking care of the baby told the press that the little girl was in a critical condition when she was brought back from the morgue. Her condition improved within the last hours and the girl is now stable. Given the baby’s miraculous survival, Analia Bouguet and Fabian Veron decided to name their girl Luz Milagros, that is, “Miracle Light”.

The news reached the ears of the deputy provincial health minister who announced that the five doctors who took part in the delivery of the baby will be subject to investigation. For the moment, the medical professionals remain suspended until the results of the investigation show that they are innocent and they can continue to practice their work.

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