Posh Orion Pro X500, a nice budget phone

Posh Orion Pro X500 shows us how can be built a nice and affordable budget phone. This phone is unlocked and features a 5-inch screen, dual-SIM, 1.3 GHz processor and 5-mexapixel camera. It is said that it actually brings poor performance from the camera and phone, but at 140 dollars it is understandable. You have some cheap fell when you hold it in your hand and it has an unremarkable screen.

If you haven’t heard about Posh Mobile, you must know that this company is a distributor based in New Jersey, which sells its phones online through Newegg, eBay and Amazon, and in a few retail stores in Latin America and US. The Orion Pro x500 manufacturer price is 140 dollars, but you can find it cheaper on other online retailers, including Amazon. At this price, it is considered cheaper than other unlocked dual-SIM phones that you will find on the market.

Orion Pro is 2.87 inches wide, 5.66 inches tall and 0.40 inch thick. This means that it is a bit bulky and big. If you have smaller hands, it will be a little uncomfortable for you to hold it. For this kind of phone and other phablets, it can be much easy to just use your both hands. Orion Pro comes with an all-polycarbonate body and it has a pleasant soft-touch finish on the back. Usually, this kind of material picks up fingerprints, but surprisingly this one is looking nice. You will find it in four different colors, including red, blue, white and black. The blue one is very great, a nice deep navy that shows a slight hint of shimmer, giving to the phone some personality.

Orion Pro comes with a 5-inch IPS LED screen, and a 980 x 540 resolution. Below the screen you will find the phone’s capacitive menu, back buttons and home button. They have a dim backlight that will stay on for a couple of seconds after you use them. If they haven’t been used, the icons are blend into a black screen bezel. Other features that Orion Pro features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a VPN.

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