Portland Weather Brings Snow Storm In The Middle Of March

This year’s weather has been quite troublesome. Passing from freezing cold to sunbathing in parks, to tornadoes and heavy winds. If many hoped the beginning of March would bring more stable and normal temperatures, the nature had something else in mind. That is at least for people living in the Portland region. For them, Portland weather brings snow storm in the middle of March.

If in other parts of the country people are already putting away snow gear, in Portland things are a little bit different. Meteorologist with the National Weather Service announced that Wednesday morning will bring people in the Portland region snow.

Liana Ramirez is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. She announced earlier this week that the snow will continue to fall throughout the rest of the week, but there are no concerns with it accumulating in the region. This morning Ramirez talked with reporters for “The Oregonian” about the weather Wednesday night. She said that snow fell almost all the night, with early morning temperatures varying from 32 to 34 degrees. But as she added, she expected the weather to get warmer by afternoon, to 45 degrees.

So, early morning Wednesday found several regions covered in a layer of snow. Authorities in the Northwest Oregon reacted promptly to avoid accidents and closed schools and shut down highways and roads.

Wednesday night at 10 p.m., the National Weather Service was issuing a “winter weather advisory” that pertained to Portland and Vancouver metro regions. The advisory was active until Thursday morning at 5 a.m. when authorities ruled the snow outside is no longer a problem for people commuting.

As the winter weather advisory was issued, the National Weather Service explained what people should expect. “Roads may be snow – covered at times, creating hazardous driving conditions” and “downed trees and limbs will also be likely” reads the warning.

Despite the winter warning, local authorities throughout the regions affected by the spring snow did not report any major damage. In Eugene some downed trees canceled classes and exams at the University of Oregon. Other downed trees were reported on the Santiam Highway, but the Santiam Pass in the Cascade Range wasn’t affected by the snow storm.

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