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Once just a Kickstarter prototype, the Pono Player is now available for everyone. To hear the magic, people must pay 400 dollars and also buy all the brand new music from Pono’s new music store. The albums cost approximately 25 dollars each and users can load them onto their devices using a PC or the New Mac loading-dock program. To be mentioned that these are high-resolution audio files, meaning that the quality of the music is undisputable.

If music enthusiasts are looking for a dedicated music device with a charming shape and a smattering of audiophile features, the new Pono Player is the right device and is certainly worth checking. However, specialists are saying that due to its poor battery life and its first-gen problems, customers could find the 300 dollars Sony A17, to be a more reliable alternative. 

Due to its pyramid shape, PonoPlayer looks a little bit weird on the table, but it is a unique design and it is worth the credit for that. Despite the shape, it actually feels really comfortable in hand and also in the pocket. It measures 5 inches high, 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The company claimed that thanks to its design, Pono homes a more efficient and larger 2,950mAh cylindrical battery.

PonoPlayer can be purchased in two colors: black and yellow. Its surface is covered in a rubberized coating, which is very susceptible to fingerprints. PonoPlayer’s front is very simple, featuring a 2-inch touchscreen and three buttons, which are responsive to select and volume up/down. To be mentioned that the Select button does everything: including Sleep, Play/Pause, Power, Next and Track. The rest is performed via the screen. There are also two main problems with the Select key. The first problem is that due to the fact that PonoPlayer’s raised buttons still work in Sleep mode, they can be activated in the bag or pocket. The second problem is because of the incorporation of the Play button into the Power control, users must jump through some hoops for many functions, for example to lock the device. 

The PonoPlayer comes with 64GB of onboard storage and for expansion it includes a microSD slot that will go up to another 64GB. The player can reproduce MP3, ALAC, DCD, AIFF, FLAC, WAV and unprotected AAC files. Unfortunately there is no Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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