Polk Omni SB1, the perfect sound bar for movies

Probably, not many sound bars come at the price of the Polk Omni SB1, but they definitely don’t perform as well as this one, either. This new sound bar comes with a wireless sub, which is perfect for movies and music and also has a VoiceAdjust feature that is helpful in making muddy dialogue intelligible. This is probably one of the best features that a sound bar can have. 

Beyond its great feature and its sound quality, the new Polk Omni SB1 has a good looking design which homes some wireless streaming-music features, like Spotify Connect and Play-Fi. This sound bar is probably the first device which makes a big step forward and that step is named: Bluetooth. However, users can also get some good performance with music at a lower price, opting for the Pioneer SP-SB23W, but probably that sound bar doesn’t compare with Polk’s home theater impact. Even if the greatest attraction on Polk is the Bluetooth feature, this sound bar also homes enough specs to make the high price worth it.

Probably, when it comes to designing audio components, there are two schools of thoughts: the first one is to make it blend in and the other is to make it a statement piece. The new Omni SB1 is definitely not a nondescript black box, but it also doesn’t come with an ugly design. This sound bar comes with a touch of science fiction, because it has a very aggressive look thanks to its metal grille across the font. Unfortunately, the body of this device is plastic. It comes with a full set of controls on top, accompanied by a series of LEDs across the font. 

Probably, it looks very similar with another Polk model, the MagnIFI, but the new SB1 features both a wider SurroundBar and a larger subwoofer. The subwoofer measures 14-inch square and it is wireless. In the package, customers will also find remote controls, which is a small credit-card-style clicker and homes three different volumes controls. One is for the VoiceAdjust feature, one for bass and system level.

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