PlayStation Vita possibly hitting the shelves in late October

A recent report from IGN claims that the portable PlayStation Vita from Sony could be hitting the shelves as soon as October 28. The information was received by a reader of the publication, who sent a flyer from Blockbuster in the U.K. containing the information. The flyer that IGN got shows the Wi-Fi-only version with a price of about 390 dollars and the 3G version costing approximately 460 dollars, CNet reports.

The much expected PlayStation from Sony is rumored to be released this fall. The new device will replace the PlayStation portable. It has a multitouch OLED screen of 5 inches wide and dual joysticks. It also has front and rear touchpads that enhance the gameplay experience. PlayStation Vita includes front and rear cameras as well, for reality integration. According to its creators, the new device has a graphic that will definitely overshadow PlayStation Portable.

Earlier this year, at the E3 gaming exposition, Sony announced that Vita will be available in the United States right in time for the holiday shopping season. The initial prices were announced at 249 dollars for the Wi-Fi-only version, and 299 dollars for the 3G-capable version. The gaming giant also stated that the release will be done in phases, which means that the product will be gradually released around the globe.

Sony has not yet confirmed the rumors of the October 28 release for the U.S.

However, when released, PlayStation Vita will definitely make a difference on the gaming market, according to specialists. After not so much luck with the portable PlayStation, Nintendo decided to cut the price of the device. Its portable had a launching price of 249.99 dollars. Now, the price is down at 169.00 dollars. The device had more success worldwide than in the United States, where it only sold 110,000 3DS units in three months (April to June). Sony’s Vita may be just what is needed at this time to boost the American gaming market.

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