Pivotal Tracker 1, the cheapest band on the market

15 dollars is the price of this fitness band. What could you buy with 15 dollars? Probably something to eat, a book or a movie ticket. Well, it seems that you you can buy an activity tracker for this price. It is hard to believe, but Pivotal Living costs only 15 dollars.

Pivotal Tracker detonates the wearable market and offers a fitness band as part of a yearly subscription plan. If you pay this price, you will receive a band and access to the company’s iOS and Android apps. If you are happy with this application and pay another 15 dollars, next year you will get another fitness tracker and another year of full access to their mobile app. The good part is that you can also keep the current band.

Pivotal Tracker is looking surprisingly well and it doesn’t look like a cheap tracker. It doesn’t feel as one, either. Probably, this is not the most comfortable band on the market due to its sides of the OLED screen that are not so flexible. You can see on the screen the time of the day, alarm indicator, a battery indicator and all of your daily activities, like distance traveled, steps taken, goal completion percentage and calories burned. All these categories can be scrolled by tapping the Tracker’s 1 button. It is also a sleep tracking, but you must activate it manually, by quickly double tapping the button.

On the back of the Pivotal Tracker, you will find four pins that are used to charge the band. It comes with its own charging dock, so make sure that you would not lose it. The battery is rated to almost 7 days and it lasts 60 minutes to charge it.

Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a heart-rate monitor or a GPS, but it features the basic applications that comes with a classic activity tracker. Still, don’t expect to have a hydration tracking like several expensive bands. The distance tracking isn’t 100 percent accurate and it isn’t waterproof, but the value of this band outweighs the flaws it has.

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