Philips Releases Philips A5 Pro

After teaming up with famous musician Armin van Buuren, Philips has tried for several years to design the perfect headphones for DJs. Well, it looks like Philips has done it, and after prototyping and testing, the new A5 Pro is finally here.

This new headphone is available on the market for the price of 300 dollars. The new Philips A5 Pro comes with an array of features, like detachable ear cushions, powerful 50mm drivers and many other accessories that work with home audio systems and portable audio devices.

Probably, the main attraction on these headphones is that they are made of solid material, meaning that DJs do not need to be careful to not break them. The core of the headband is build out of aluminum and alloy steel, but customers don’t need to worry about weight because they weigh approximately 405 grams.

Even if they feel a little heavier than other headphones, the A5 Pros can be used for several hours without noticing any difference. To be mentioned that it is recommended, especially for a DJ, to take some frequent breaks from listening to any pair of headphones. 

Users will probably know that the first parts to degrade on a headphone are the headphone cord jack and the ear pads. Well, Philips is aware of this fact, and generously provides two detachable cords in the package. This means that Philips A5 Pro comes with a straight cord with a single button/microphone for smartphone controls and another simple coiled version for DJs. The package also contains two additional sizes of ear pads that can be easily installed with a twist and click retention system.

To be also mentioned that Philips A5 Pro has open ports on both sides, meaning that users can plug the cable into either the right or left ear cup. The jacks come with a locking mechanism, so they cannot pop out while users are listening to music. As for the sound, this headphone provides the most natural tones possible. This headphone is probably the single product on the market that is managing to keep the bass powerful without overpowering the rest of the mixes.

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