Philips Fidelio NC1, great noise-canceling headphones

It is well known that Philips managed to produce some great and solid headphones over the past few years, so the new Fidelio NC1 should not be underrated. The device is available at the price of 300 dollars, which is kind of surprising, because it is rare to find a high-quality one-year noise-canceling model at this low price. Active noise-canceling, also named NC, manages to cancel the external noise sound, with an inverse sound wave, so the user can listen to he wants to hear: his favorite music.

Other incredible headphones that are recognize for their capability of noise-canceling are the Bose QuietComfort 25. This model from Bose is probably the best noise-canceling headphone on the market. Although it cannot be compared with the Bose model, the new Fidelio NC1 is also up there on the top.

However, Philips Fidelio NC1, is very comfortable to wear and seems well-built, featuring earcups that are equipped with memory foam and an outer cushion that’s a combination of soft and fabric protein leather. To be mentioned that it is a good-looking headphone and the design also features some metal parts, giving the overall feeling of a high-end quality-built.

It only weighs 6.7-ounce and it is perfect for travelling, because it folds up and also folds flat and can easily fit in a carrying case that seems to be well-designed and comes with the package. The carrying-case also has a small pocket for the detachable 47-inch cable and USB charging cord.

Another interesting thing about this headphone is that its cable comes covered in cloth to reduce microphonics and also features an integrated microphone and one-button remote for cell phone calls. To be mentioned that the call quality is quite good.

Another thing that should be mentioned about this headphone is that it features a built-in rechargeable battery, which offers up to 30 hours of playback, which is pretty great. Probably, many users will be attracted by the rechargeable battery, because it is more comfortable. However, Philips’s model can play music even after the battery dies. The company also claims that this model is a high-definition headphone, meaning that it delivers a lot of clarity.

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