Petition against Adam Lambert’s Singapore Concert

It seems that people really don’t want Adam Lambert to perform in Singapore. Quite a big opposition has been organized against the popular singer, with more than 16,000 people trying to prevent him from going on stage on New Year’s Eve, in Marina Bay, Singapore. 

Well, a petition has been launched online, trying to determine Adam Lambert to cancel his appearance in Singapore. Over 16,000 have already signed this petition available online under the name “Petition against Adam Lambert performing in Countdown 2016.” The petition states that allowing Adam to perform there will actually come in disregard to the values of Singaporean families. 

“Countdown 2016 is our annual iconic, public event for Singaporeans to come together to celebrate New Year’s Eve, as one. Allowing Adam Lambert to perform as the star of Countdown 2016 shows disregard for the values of a majority of family-centric Singaporeans who have consistently resisted the promotion of western liberal ideas about family values and societal models,” the petition states. 

Furthermore, signatories of this petition asked for extra care to be exercised when it comes to choosing the performers of this important event in the area. “Adam Lambert is an inappropriate choice and reflects a lack of judgment that could turn an otherwise dignified family-friendly event into a situation that is offensive and potentially divisive,” the petition says. 

It seems that people are so upset with Adam because the singer has made some “inappropriate acts” during his shows. The document stated that for instance, during the American Music Awards 2009, the star “engaged in sexualized acts, including kissing a male band member, on stage.” Thus, the petition said, the singer was unpredictable and anything could happen on stage. They also claimed that the singer’s music videos showed “acts of indecency.” 

Despite the petition and all the claims and concerns raised, Adam will continue to be featured at the event. However, MediaCorp stated that people have nothing to worry about, as the show will be suitable for families. Adam also supported these claims, saying that he will celebrate “the entire family in all its diversity.” 

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