Perfect high heel by Christian Louboutin

A secret in the fashion world is now revealed. The secret of the perfect high heel by Christian Louboutin, the famous Parisian shoe designer.

Recently, in his atelier from Paris (where all the magic happens) the designer idolized by women worldwide talked about the process of shoe’s creation and the  importance of that “little thing that supports the human weight”.  

What you need if you want to create the perfect shoe is wood lasts and some supporting metal that is going to be used for the heels. The heels can reach 6,5 inches but as Louboutin says, this is not a limit. He also added that you can realize in a moment if a shoe has the right engineering just by looking at it, it’s not needed to try it on. “The heel is engineering in itself.” he said.Christian Louboutin talked about the importance of the shoe’s center of gravity.

The metal points should be inserted in the heels exactly in that center, if not, who will wear those shoes will soon be toppled over. Heel height is not that important. No matter it the heel measures 6 inches or just two those metal stems still should be inserted exactly in the center.

He can’ t see the point in wearing a shoe that makes you feel uncomfortable, no matter how beautiful it is. His shoes have a special design to protect wearers from suffering.
    Louboutin started to built his own fashion label and he succeeded in 1992. Shoes designed by him, are sold in famous stores from all over the world for an average amount of $700. Celebrities and also fashion editors simply adore his creation.

A lot of famous women, including Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce and also the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker wore shoes designed by Louboutin and they all were noticed being proud of them. Christian Louboutin ended his interview by saying: “For me there ain’t no high heel high enough.”

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