Pebble is back with the new Pebble Time

Probably, the previous Pebble has been the favorite smartwatch for over a year for many users. Even if it’s not so advanced like other brands, the Pebble smartwatch has some features that are way better than other watches. Let’s think about it.

What smartwatch on the market can last more than a couple of days on a single charge? Or has an always-on screen? Or can be worn while swimming? The Pebble has always been attractive to customers and it has been considered more of a regular watch because it didn’t have to be charged every day.

Pebble Time lands on a market filled with Google Watches and Apple Watches and it is available at the price of 199 dollars. However, this isn’t the latest release of the company, as the all-metal Pebble Time Steel will be released this summer. The company promises that Pebble Time Steel will have a longer battery life, but it will cost 100 dollars more.

However, the Pebble Time gives the feeling of a good and secure watch, even if it still doesn’t have a touchscreen. To be mentioned that this watch comes with new color displays and probably it could be compared with a Game Boy more than a premium smartwatch. However, this wearable can’t be used to make phone calls.

Probably, being surrounded by high-end devices, with higher-profile apps, the Pebble Time looks like a tiny product, but it has its unique style, making it a good alternative for customers who don’t want to spend more money on Android Wear or Apple Watch. With its unique style, Pebble can be considered a good competitor on the smartwatch market.

As a reminder, the Pebble watch debuted back in 2013 and it had a huge impact on the market. This year, the new Pebble Time isn’t a brave reinvention, by contrary, the company is sticking to the roots. So, the new Pebble Time comes with a long battery life, 30-meter water resistance, always-on screen, DIY watch faces and apps. This wearable works with both Android and iOS.

So, what’s new compared with previous models? Pebble Time comes with a microphone, a color display, a charge port that can be used for future smart straps and a bigger onboard storage. 

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