Pebble has introduced real fitness tracking

Pebble is one of the most respected and successful brands when it comes to smartwatches. Even if its devices are not as advanced and good-looking as Apple, Samsung or Motorola’s watches, Pebble watches are a huge attraction on the market. 

When it first came out on the market, the Pebble watch had a not so good-looking design and an open software platform, but now, this company has decided to start trying to appeal more to the masses, meaning that it changed to design and has updated its software. This is definitely a huge step forward, but today, Pebble has also introduced another feature, called Pebble Health. 

Pebble Health is a free health-tracking system. With this new feature, Pebble added sleep tracking and step counting to newer Pebble smartwatches, except Pebble Classic Steel and Pebble Classic. With Pebble Health, the company clearly wants to attract more clients and wants to offer the experience of fitness tracking. 

This new app will share data to Google Fit and Apple Health app, where owners will have the possibility to get a more granular view of their health data. However, Pebble is not the only company which has such kind of feature. The questions are: why should clients trust Pebble’s feature and why should they choose Pebble instead of many other options that are on the market?

Well, Pebble has declared that with the purpose to come up with the algorithms for activity tracking, it worked with Stanford University’s relatively new wearable health lab. Moreover, they have declared that the lab will publish the algorithm, so that scientists will have access to it for research purposes. This is a huge plus for Pebble, because many commercial wearable companies don’t share information about how they calculate user’s activity levels.

Working with a research lab will probably raise a lot of questions around the privacy of health data. But, Pebble has declared that Stanford’s lab won’t have access to user data, and just the algorithm will be public. To be added that Pebble Health app adjusts daily goals based on how active the user is.

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