Paul McCartney wed Nancy Shevell in London

Sir Paul McCartney, the famous Beatle singer, wed his third wife, Nancy Shevell in London. The ceremony took place on Sunday at Old Marlyebone Town Hall in the center of the nippy capital of Great Britain and was saluted by a large number of reporters and fans, Associated Press reports.

Paul McCartney got married for the third time. His new bride, Nancy Shevell, was all smiles at the ceremony. She wore a wedding dress designed by Paul’s daughter, famous designer Stella McCartney. Shevell, 51, and McCartney, 69, got engaged earlier this year.
The former Beatles band member was married two times before. His first marriage was to photographer Linda Eastman, in 1969. At the time, he broke many women’s hearts and, despite the short rate of healthy marriages that existed among rock and roll stars, his to Linda was a very long and successful one. He fathered four children with her and they were said to be inseparable. Their marriage ended when Linda died of complications of breast cancer in 1998.

Four years later, in 2002, McCartney remarried. His new wife was model Heather Mills. They had a daughter, but the marriage was finalized in 2008. It ended in an ugly divorce and fight over fortune. With the occasion, the musician’s fortune was publicly analyzed and was estimated at about 800 million dollars.

Nancy Shevell is not a bride for the first time. She was married before, too. Her former husband is lawyer Bruce Blakeman. She is a vice president at her father’s trucking company and is a part of the New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board.

Following the ceremony, the bride and groom welcomed the guests at McCartney’s home in St. John’s Wood. There was a tent set on the property and after the ceremony, there were party decorations and champagne delivered, for a reception.

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  1. On some level one can only feel entirely proud of the couple as if they were our own family members taking their vows this evening and yet on some level Sir Paul and his bride are our couple, and to his credit the frontman and living legend of one of the greatest cultural tour de forces that the world has ever known has in his way agreed to continue playing the role that so many of us wish and yearn for; that of a good lad out of the working class who did good, loved well, played well and did his mates and those who he affected with deep memories and faith in humanity that he would be there one time for them even at this late stage of the game.

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