Pastor Sean Harris Says He Made A Joke

In a recent sermon, North Carolina Pastor Sean Harris made a few comments that have sparked controversy. Some were without a doubt offended by what Pastor Sean Harris initially called advice. Now that the mass media and overall public have slashed out at him, Pastor Sean Harris says he made a joke and retracted his previous anti gay comments.

For those of you who haven’t followed the story, Pastor Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church held a sermon recently advising parents to slap and punch their kids if they show any signs of gay behavior. The terms used are not exactly easy on the ear, with Sean Harris even using the term “squash like a cockroach”.

“Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. OK? And when your daughter starts acting too Butch you rein her in” said the Pastor.

Basically, from Pastor Sean Harris’s point of view, when your kid seems effeminate or to boyish it’s high time to smack the “gay” out of them. It goes without saying that the Pastor’s message went viral over the internet, with bloggers and mass media sources slashing out at him. At the same time, if some were offended by what Harris said during the sermon, others found his pro-children cruelty comments to be too harsh.

After everybody went crazy over his recent sermon and parenting advice, Pastor Sean Harris said he made a joke. In a statement released to the Fayette Observer, the bold and controversial Sean Harris said he “would never ever advocate” punching children, but added that he stands by his opinion that “effeminate behavior is ungodly. I’m not going to compromise on that”.

The said joke made by Pastor Sean Harris was meant to raise awareness and get people to vote no for the same-sex marriage law proposal. With Harris’s recent blunder, it’s likely that support for the anti-gay marriage amendment is going to hit a new low. The Amendment 1 in discussion is going to redefine marriage and state that it is a partnership between one man and one woman, thus making same-sex partnerships illegal.

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  1. ‘bold and controversial Sean Harris said he “would never ever advocate” punching children…’

    Except that’s literally what he did.

  2. Everything Jesus states about homosexuality:

    This guy is the most arrogant mother fuc.. This guy should not be allowed to be a pastor. I am no Christian in anyway, and this guy is one reason why I don’t follow a cult.

  3. Harris, you are simply one, small ignorant being standing in a long line of ignorant individuals. Soon there will no longer be a place in society for redneck influence. Wake up your small mind and research something outside of the very, very small world that you choose to acknowledge. If not, get out of the way and let the rest of us thrive with our diverse families, communities and choices as we work to better society while we accept others for what they believe in and hold dear to their values. That Sir, is America.

  4. As an evangelical Christian I found your comments concerning homosexually a disgrace to the body of Christ. Do you think that Jesus would made comments or even thought of hatred you have displayed? What do you and your congregation stand for? WE, as Christians are Ambassadors for Christ until HE comes again. What have you done!?

  5. I think this man belongs in prison. You certainly can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater and you cannot tell people to hit children. This is blatant child abuse. The least that should happen is that this should be made known internationally and he should be fired immediately and have his ordination to preach revoked for life.

  6. there is something mentally wrong with anyone who sits in this man’s church and tithe after the first wrong word he said. this wasnt the first such hate speech spewed out his face. there is something mentally wrong with those who see this devil in disguise as a man of God & call him such. there is something mentally wrong with those who support this devil. not a surprise though. this is the real america.

  7. You must be one of the most narrow minded, ignorant people I have ever come across. First you apologize and retract your statements and then you claim everything was taken out of context! May your statements haunt you the rest of your life because YOU are not to judge others. That is for God to do. And another thing, when is the almighty God going to get around to creating jobs for the unemployed so that they can be as righteous as you. How much of the collection plate ends up in your pocket? I’m thinking maybe I should “smack the stupid” out of you. God’s Faithful Little Servant, Jannie Do

  8. What does pending moderation mean? I sure hope you don’t misquote me like the good Reverend has claimed happened to him. Jannie do

  9. Let’s see how much he laughs once he gets his legs broken. I know a number of people who would like to apply his “joke” to the pastor himself and his congregation as well. Good luck pastor. You WILL need it.

  10. Just because people like this ‘self-appointed man of god’ doesn’t wear a white hood doesn’t mean he doesn’t share the views of the kkk.
    Sounds as if he would have been very comfortable with those really wonderful guys in the fatherland in the 1930’s and 1940’s.
    Someone ought to squash and beat the ever-lovin’ crap out of him.

  11. I truly doubt that Sean Harris was joking when he preached that fathers should hit their children. However, for the sake of argument let’s say he was. I know of no situation in which joking about hitting children, cracking their wrists is appropriate, let alone funny.

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