Paris Jackson Struggles with Addiction

The daughter of famous musician Michael Jackson might still be dealing with some addiction issues. So, it has been said that she is currently struggling with depression and her grandparents are extremely concerned about her. 

In fact, Katherine and Joe Jackson might have found out about Paris’ issues only after a recent revelation their niece made on social media, saying in a post that she has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

An insider close to the family allegedly told Radar Online that Paris’ grandparents were “extremely fracked out right now by her actions.” 

Apparently, Paris has been attending these meetings after her attempt to commit suicide. The source explained that unfortunately Katherine and Joe Jackson have no idea how to handle this whole situation. “They don’t know what to do because they are just in shock over her behavior,” the source said. However, they might not understand Paris, either. 

“The fact that she’s in A.A. absolutely horrifies them because they are both so old-school. They want to pretend like addiction does not exist in their family. Sadly, that could not be further from the truth,” the insider added. 

The fact that Paris has been dealing with some issues has been well-known since 2013, when she allegedly tried to commit suicide. It has been claimed that Paris was still in much pain over the death of her father, even though Michael died about four years before that moment. Following the suicide attempt, Paris underwent treatment at a rehabilitation center. 

Although she managed to improve her condition then and controlled her depression, Paris started to get once again depressed after she and her boyfriend, Chester Castellaw, separated. Apparently, that was the moment when Paris decided to attend the AA meetings. “Luckily she had some close friends who were in A.A., and they got her to start attending meetings,” the insider said. 

“Thankfully, it worked,” it went on to add. “She hangs out with only sober people and she has a sponsor. Although it is new to her, she is definitely on the right path.” Still, the source said that Paris is yet to figure out what she wants to do with her life. 

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