Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 speakers come with a great sound

For customers who have a big-enough room and are looking for some powerful and big speakers, the new Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 speakers may be the right choice. This floor-standing speakers can take up some amount of physical space, but they also deliver a great bass.

They come with a kind of standard design, like all floor-standing speakers, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t look nice in the living-room. The new Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 speakers sound good with all kinds of music, even if the bass can be a little heady-handed. 

Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 speakers have some serious competitors on the market, like SVS Prime Towers and Klipsch RP-160M monitors, but its sound and its simple design will probably make the difference after all. However, even if they look like many other floor-standing speakers, Paradigm Monitors are slimmer. 

Probably the main point that attracts the eye is the bare aluminum driver which provides an attractive contrast against the matte-black fascia. To be said that these speakers are available in two finishes, heritage cherry and black ash. They measure 6.9 inches wide by 9 inches deep and are 36 inches tall. In the package customers will also receive a pair of magnetized speaker grills.

Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 is a 2.5-way speaker, composed by a tweeter, mid/bass and dedicated bass driver configuration. To be mentioned that the tweeter is a 1-inch anodized aluminum driver protected by a wire mesh grille, the bass woofer is a carbon-infused polypropylene cone and the mid/bass is a 5 1/1-inch aluminum driver. Well, these are perfect for listening to all kind of music genres. Even if they don’t have a big size, these speakers sound impressively weighty. One of the best qualities of these speakers is their wide soundstage that extends beyond the edges of the cabinets. 

Paradigm Monitor 7 v7 can also be used while watching a movie. So, even if they are meant for music, these speakers are also doing a great job at movies. Unfortunately, the pricing is unknown for the moment, but they will definitely not be cheap. 

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