Palin won’t be running for president in the 2012 elections

Sarah Palin officially stated, on Wednesday, that she won’t take part in the race for presidency starting in 2012, as well as made it clear that all GOP candidates have been already chosen.

This decision is mostly based on the recently conducted review of “what common sense conservatives and independents have accomplished, especially over the last year”, the former Alaska governor said in a letter addressed to her supporters.

Her goal for the near future is to aid in the most effective way possible to the election of other true public servants to office, raging from governors to congressmen and finally the president of United States.

She remains true to her political views as she promised to continue her quest for free markets, especially for energy independence provided from domestic resources, renewable and conventional sources.

Palin considers that the future administration needs to find the proper ways to “reduce tax burdens and onerous regulations and always push to minimize government to strengthen and allow the private sector to create jobs”.

During an interview for “On the Record”, the former governor told Greta Van Susteren that she is sorry to have disappointed her supporters in taking this decision.

Palin is not the only candidate to have withdrawn from the presidential race. Only one day prior to her announcement, New Jersey’ governor Chris Christie presented to the public his own decision of dropping off. The Republicans weren’t happy with this turn of events as they urged Christie to reconsider.

Republicans seem to still be in the market for the perfect choice as candidate, since neither former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, nor Texas governor Rick Perry  rated well on the GOP debates.

Palin doesn’t portrait any of the candidates as the perfect one and advises the American voters to focus more on the collective ideas and records rather than placing all their hopes with just one individual.

In a recent poll conducted by McClatchy, Palin was only 5 percentages behind president Obama, followed by Perry, 9 points behind the current president and Michele Bachmann 13 points.

Although considered by fallow politicians as a voice to be heard, Palin didn’t rate too well in a recent pole, when 72% of the voters considered she should remain on the sidelines.

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