Pain Meds Send Gerard Butler to Rehab

You see them acting like super heroes, fighting bad guys, climbing high peaks, enduring extreme weather conditions or playing professional athletes part. And then all the magazines picture them smiling and enjoying the perks of celebrity, and everybody wishes for a similar life. Well, you’d better think twice, because shooting films can be just as exhausting as running the triathlon. And as Gerard Butler found out when the pain is too much the meds that make it manageable send you to rehab.

Gerard Butler is fully aware of what it takes to wake up every morning and go do a job that requires flexing muscles, staying in snow, going under waves, running under the summer sun without thinking about pain. Really, being an actor isn’t as glamorous as the media makes it look. If it were, clinics such as Betty Ford will be bankrupt.

For the good looking, very manly Gerard Butler his performances left him with ‘scars’ that need more than a few cosmetic procedures to heal. Ever since shooting the record breaking “300” in 2006, Butler has been having issues with pain management. Coupled with a recent surfing accident during the filming “Of Men and Mavericks”, Butler has been failing to cope with pain and his meds got the best of him. As a result he just spent three weeks with the nice doctors at Betty Ford. informs that a few weeks ago Gerard Butler realized he was relying too much on pain medication. Dare we say addicted? But let’s leave the bad mouthing to others for Butler is an actor that really commits himself to the viewer’s entertainment. Plus, it’s not that difficult to understand why pain medication became so huge. Coupled with the everyday stress and fast pace of filming crews today, actors are subjected to a huge pressure to deliver high quality and fast results.

And preparing for a shooting isn’t as easy as you’d think. Even if graphic artists might have worked a little bit Butler’s muscles in “300”, he did most of that by himself. The actor previously said about training for “300”: “There was definitely a period of adjustment and physical pain because I stopped training. That was the worst thing I could have done”.

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