Our Favorite Celeb Looks From Coachella

It’s that time of the year again when we can go to as many concerts and outdoor events as possible because the warm weather is on our side. Even so, you still have to prepare your outfits in advance so you can feel comfortable enough while dancing and, nevertheless, make a good impression among your friends. Like always, you can get the style from some of your favorite celebrities who have been present at this year’s edition of Coachella.

Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele evinced the two most appropriate looks for this event. They both adopted the boho-chic trend which is very popular at present. Given that this style was actually invented by people who liked to party a lot – the hippies – it is probably one of the best choices for a concert. Unless it is a heavy-metal or a rock concert, of course. All you need to get Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele’s look is a long white shirt or a floaty dress and team them up with accessories like hats and colorful glasses.

At the opposite end is Rihanna who looks perfect for this occasion thanks to her rock star clothes. The Barbadian singer stayed true to her wild outfits by wearing a pair of jean cutoffs embellished with metallic elements, a short black top imprinted with the word “peace” and a vivid black-and-pink jacket imprinted with the Chanel chain. Her outfit was accompanied by her usual tough attitude, meaning red lips, red nails and very dark sun glasses. You can replace the short jeans with long ones in case you are looking for a less extravagant style.

Tali Lennox, the daughter of Eurythmics’ Annie Lennox, was also present at the 2012 Coachella festival, setting a good fashion example for those who plan on going at future concerts. She adopted a very romantic style made up of a lacey beige dress and sweater. The entire look was completed with a small brown leather bag, so the model wouldn’t be too elegant for the event.

Boho-chic fashion is one of the favorite trends of the summer because it doesn’t require too many efforts to get accomplished. The effects you will obtain by wearing this trend: you will look natural, yet sexy with the minimum effort.

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