Oracle Executives Face Possible Asset Seizure for Kickbacks

Things are not looking bright for Oracle when it comes to potential legal issues at its operations outside of the United States. The database software and technology developer is actually dealing with kickbacks accusations in Kenya. So, it has been reported that several executives from Oracle and its partner Open System Integration (OSI) could have their assets seized on accusations of giving kickbacks with the purpose to influence the winning of a controversial software contract.

The Director of Public Prosecutions stated that the executives gave kickbacks to officials at the auditor-general’s office. Some of the executives targeted by the investigation shared the illegal money. Among the people mentioned by authorities in relation to this case are the sales executive of Oracle, Charles Gichobi. Authorities stated that they have enough evidence to charge him.

“I have therefore directed that prosecution should ensue accordingly. I have also directed that copies of the duplicate inquiry file be forwarded to the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for appropriate action in terms of their respective legal mandates,” the Director of the Public Prosecutions office said.

According to the Public Prosecutions’ office, Auditor-General Edward Ouko did nothing wrong in relation to this case. So, this means that he was cleared of any wrongdoing. However, the case still remains in the media attention, as Oracle is only one of the companies involved. Ouko’s office was also linked to graft allegations involving Mars Technology Associates, Kenya Milk Farmers and Enkei Holdings, among others.

Furthermore, the auditor’s general manager of information technology, Annette Mwangi, was also associated to the corruption case. “I would hasten to add that all those directed to be charged… each one of them is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” the public prosecutor stated.

Of course, until the investigation is completely over, it is hard to see in which direction things will evolve. However, it is important to mention that concerns on key technology solutions have been raised in Kenya for quite some time. Oracle has decided to not comment on these latest allegations.

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