Online glitches disappoint U.S. shoppers

Jolly customers have assailed online stores in search of the perfect Christmas present for their beloved family and friends. Unfortunately the biggest retail chains were affected by temporary online glitches which left U.S. shoppers disappointed, says Reuters.

Best Buy was one of the retailers that lost large numbers of customers this winter because of their inability to fulfill the received orders. Tom Nenon, a philosophy professor at the University of Memphis, had an unpleasant experience with the chain. He had ordered a 42″ Samsung TV, but he was later on called by the reps of the company to inform him that his order was not fulfilled. Moreover, the employees of the company tried to convince Nenon to purchase an older model that was as expensive as the new one instead of repairing the mistakes they’ve made. 

Many other retailers have gone through similar online problems this Christmas. Target Corp, Wal-Mart Stores and Barneys were clearly outpaced by the large demand of products. Customers blame the flawed management of the stores for the online glitches. Craig Johnson, president of retail consulting firm Customer Growth Partners explained the current situation by saying that Best Buy’s website was not ready to compete with other Web prices and thus, the online store got overwhelmed by the large numbers of consumers.

Best Buy’s spokesperson, Lisa Hawks reassured everyone that less than 1 percent of the customers’ online orders were affected. She further apologized for the inconvenience and she offered free e-Gift Cards to all affected clients. The company is now working to find solutions for the reported problems. Even though Barneys did not make any comments on the press, the company used Facebook to apologize to its customers for the problems they have created.

According to specialists, the IT glitches were caused by the deals that the companies offered for the Christmas period. Many powerful chains tried to attract more customers by offering free shipping this holiday season. The measure worked because clients have used the online channels of communication to purchase gifts. Unfortunately, the websites were not prepared to face the avalanche of orders and online shops crashed during the past month.

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  1. Haven’t stepped foot in a Best Buy in 10 years. I had bought the wrong size car speakers and although I was willing to pay more for the right size they refused because I had gone beyond their return deadline. I estimate they have lost out in at least 10K in sales over the past 10 years. Every time I buy something, like the 55 inch Sony 3D TV I bought last month, I think about those car speakers and what a dumb business decision they made to steal $25 from me. Shop anywhere but Best Buy.

  2. Amazon “lost” my 47″ Samsung that was supposedly en route… ordered on the 17th find out on Christmas Eve it’s not coming – the major Christmas gift – no explanation.

  3. Amazon “lost” my 47″ Samsung that was supposedly en route… ordered on the 17th find out on Christmas Eve it’s not coming – the major Christmas gift – no explanation.

  4. When I complained about a faulty installation to the manager of my local Best Buy, his reply in refusing to address the complaint was, “Don’t look at me, I’ve only been here a week.” I reported this to Best Buy Corporate and they sent me a $25 gift card in addressing my complaint. The manager is still there.

  5. Wow, seriously!?! IT glitch!? Only 1# affected? I doubt it! Best Buy sold thousands of black Friday and cyber Monday items online which they did not have in stock. Then they told every customer that their items would ship in time for Christmas. Then with only a few days to go they let them all know the bad news that their orders could not be fulfilled and as an afterthought offered a $25 gift card. Most of these items (laptops, flat panel tv’s and other big ticket items ) were originally discounted by $100 or more. This is big business at their worst!! I won’t be surprised if best buy closes their doors in the near future.

  6. This is what happens when the new corporate policies of lower wages, no benefits, and not hiring enough people to service the customers because they have gotten away with it for so long. There was a time when they actually had salespersons right there, so that you would not have to stomp all over the store just to get somebody who starts looking for it themselves because they don’t know where it is and they usually don’t work there long. What kind of business runs a business by statistics alone but not by common sense – like hire techs and pay them so that they will stay and the same goes for people on the floor. I have watched Walmart’s prices double in the last few years but the worker’s haven’t gotten a raise. They need to unionize so that they do. WalMart is making what the other stores are making without having to pay unionized labor, so their prices are actually higher as is their profit margin.

  7. Like another commenter, I haven;t set foot in Best Buy in over ten years. I don’t even use them as a “showroom”. I cannot stand them and never will change my mind. Best Buy could send me a personal invite to pick up a free 56″ TV and I would not bother.

    Circuit City was problematic, especially during the decline years, but I still have good memories from them. I really miss Lechmere! If it had not been peremptorily shut down, it might have become quite a retail force in the Internet Age.

  8. That’s what they get for their ridiculous media campaign. They threw rocks at Santa. I bet he didn’t cancel any orders this year. To Best Buy….Santa says “back at ya”

  9. Ordered a 58 inch (thereabouts) on Black Monday and although is was out, when I called a local store they said it would be in soon. Never happened. Wedding gift. Wedding was last night.

    Everyone was told of our experience.

  10. same here. hubby ordered a galaxy tablet, come to find out backordered and not getting in time for Xmas. this result, even after the purchase was the day after thanksgiving. I will rethink using best buy website next year.

  11. Oh the hardship we all have….I didn’t get the presents I ordered. Hate to see what happens when REAL bad things happen to us as a society. Think about it.

  12. I have no love for Best Buy. Any consumer complaint Best Buy considers it your problem. I find their name Best Buy a total fraud. Best Buy runs product surveys on each local market around their stores to obtain the best retail price. You can see this if you go online and start typing different zip codes for a popular product — the price will vary based on where you are situated. I feel sorry for anybody that all they have is a Best Buy and no other retailer to compete against them. Their Black Friday and other special sales are out of the bait and switch handbook. Best Buy has one of the best inventory modelling systems and find it hard to believe they just run out without knowing. Best Buy doesn’t really have any ethics so what they run out and don’t tell you are screwed a week before Christmas?

    Somebody mentioned about Best Buy should be out of business — well Best Buy has been doing this for years and they are still there. If you need to purchase a big ticket item you are better off going to one of the Warehouse stores like BJs, Costco, Sam’s Club or even one of their brick or motar competitors at least they treat you right and don’t screw you like Best Buy does.

  13. I have no idea why people shop Bestbuy or why they are still in business. They are more expensive than most online stores.

  14. Maybe the big online retailers were having trouble, but there are plenty of smaller ecommerce merchants to fill the void. Keep the internet free!

  15. Best Buy, should be held accountable by way of a Law suit.

    They are Guilty of preventing the competion ( stores like Amazon / Buy.Com /OverStock.Com) from gaining record sales, knowingly hurting the consumer for lack of inventoryed merchandise that was heavily advertised and marketed below competing Black Friday prices. Attracting would be buyers to Their site rather than the competion.

    Totally fraudulent and a Law suit should be proposed.

  16. Instant gratification addicts. That is what the world is coming to – “If I can’t get what I want when I want it then I am not a happy camper”

  17. I order my asus trasformer prime nov 23nd received it Dec 22nd …. maybe people should do their Christmas shopping earlier and not wait few days before Christmas

  18. Are retailers now doing what MIcroSoft used to do? Announce that they are going to introduce software on such and such a date, but never produce?
    Also shouldn’t the big retailers do just like any store normally does and sell only what they actually have? If a business advertises a sale of an item, but doesn’t actually have the item, isn’t that fraud?

  19. To all of you, Did you see the recent YouTube movies about how shipping companies workforce take care of the stuff they are due to deliver at your door ? Believe me, I will get my next “valuable” big screen from the street store and don’t care at all to pay more to get it ontime AND safe…. These videos are a must see.

  20. We’re confusing apples and oranges. Some of the orders couldn’t be processed because sites went down due to large volumes. While they should have been more technically prepared, that’s avoidable, but understandable.

    Some orders weren’t processed because they ran out of inventory. In general, while it may be annoying to the consumer, I don’t see what the big deal is – you could walk into physical retail and have the same issue. Shop earlier.

    But having said that, online stores are supposed to be connected to inventory systems. And so it shouldn’t have even let you place the order if they didn’t have enough inventory. So that’s a big flaw in their operations. Maybe they shouldn’t be permitted to offer something for sale unless they actually have inventory, although sometimes you aren’t actually receiving the item from the online vendor – it’s actually being drop-shipped to you from the manufacturer who uses the vendor’s shipping boxes, so they don’t even know what the stock levels are.

    But I agree with DJ: this isn’t really a big deal. There are people who have lost homes, lifetime savings, don’t have food on the table, etc. We’re just talking about conveniently being able to buy more crap.

    If you had a bad experience with an online vendor, don’t use them again. There’s certainly plenty of alternatives. And we should shop local anyway, even if it’s a bit more expensive. Keep Main Street in business. Those are your neighbors.

  21. I too had a crappy experience but at the best buy store. Went in to buy an ipod dock, got waited 10 minutes for help, after being told by an employee that someone would help me. Meantime 2 employees stood by the tvs and debated the newest video game. Emailed customer service and got a generic reply about how much customers team to them. Will NEVER buy anything from them again, cancelled my best buy card. They must’ve found how to be recession proof and don’t need the business.

  22. Agree. I had a frustrating experience 2 weeks before Christmas at 4 on a Tuesday, not busy, just lazy. Emailed.customer service and got a one sentence generic response back. I bought line from somewhere else and will never step foot in best buy again, cancelled my credit card.

  23. This is a fraudulent act. Best buy knew ahead of time that they could not fulfill the orders. I can smell a lawsuit coming their way. Amazon and other online retailers should think about suing bad (not best) Buy.

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