One third of Android users to switch to iPhone

A recent survey led by UBS Research shows that about one third of the Android users are likely to switch to the iPhone platform. More than that, another 10 percent are undecided. Due to the small number of participants in the survey, it is likely for the figures to not illustrate perfectly the reality, but CNET’s personal small investigation shows that there is some truth in the figures.

UBS Research conducted a study which showed that Android users are not as loyal to their device as believed. At least, not all of them. The study consisted in a survey taken by over 500 people. Of them, 51 were Android users. All the participants were asked several questions regarding the type of phone they would use. The final results showed the following:

•    31 percent of the respondents would switch from  Android to iPhone
•    89 percent of them preferred iPhone against other brands, such as Nokia and Blackberry

The Blackberry has dropped in customer’s preferences from 62 percent in March 2010 to 33 percent. Nokia dipped from 42 percent last year to only 24 percent at the current moment.
David Carnoy from CNET has made his own survey and found out that most of the people having using Android chose it because the iPhone was not available at that time. This comes to support the UBS research, for those believing that the small number of the people questioned (515) could not reflect the reality.

UBS Research is a global company which provides financial services to clients in more than 50 countries all over the world. It is headquartered in Zurich and Basel and its historical roots stretch more than one hundred years. Their research concentrates on economic forecasts and investments recommendations and strategy.

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