OCZ Trion 100 series, a new SSD on the market

OCZ Trion 100 series seems to be the latest SSD that has been released on the market. Unfortunately, this SSD is considered to be the slowest product on the market, but this wasn’t meant to be its strong point of attraction. What recommends the OCZ Trion 100 is its affordable price, because every client, even with a small budget, can afford it. However, the new SSD is also faster than any HDD on the market. 

OCZ Trion 100 series comes in different options, from 120GB to 980GB. The company declared that its price ranges from 57 dollars to 370 dollars. As a bonus, Trion is considered to have a high endurance rating, meaning that users can use it for long time before making plans for replacing it. 

For those clients who have a regular HDD-based computer, OCZ Trion 100 is the perfect product for them to upgrade it. This SSD will make their old system much faster. This SSD is also considered to be an upgrade for the previous OCZ ARC 100. Both of these products were designed to offer SSD performance at low cost. 

The main difference between these two products is that the latest OCZ Trio 100 is made entirely from Toshiba components, while the previous OCZ ARC 100 uses an OCZ controller. This probably means that OCZ Trion 100 is the first complete result of Toshiba’s acquisition of OCZ. As a reminder, the acquisition happened more than a year ago. Another interesting fact is that this SSD uses triple-layer-cell, also known as TLC, flash memory, meaning that is has higher density. 

As for design, OCZ Trion 100 is a standard internal drive, featuring the 2.50-inch design. The drive also supports SATA3, but clients do not need to worry because it also works with all existing SATA revisions. OCZ Trion 100 comes with a 7mm profile, meaning that it is thinner than any other 9.5mm standard laptop hard drive. To be mentioned that this SSD also works in some ultrabooks. It is important to know that OCZ Trion 100 does not support encryption, meaning that it cannot be used for corporate or business environments. 

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