Nokia Releases Software To Boost Sales For Cheaper Phones

Based on a recent report published by Bloomberg, Nokia announced on Thursday that they have created a new program that will boost sales for cheaper phones. The operating system will be first introduced on mobile phones available in growth markets such as India to work with Asha devices.

Nokia is struggling to make it big in the smartphone market; yet the Finnish mobile company does not neglect its cheaper handsets. The company announced on Thursday that they will release a new operating systems for cheaper phones used in India. The Asha platform, as it is called, is a redesign of the S40 program that was used on more than 300 million phones last year.

Asha 501 is the first handset to benefit of the updated software. Thanks to it, owners of cheaper phones will be able to accomplish more or less the same functions as smartphone owners. Nokia’s Lumia technical specifications have inspired developers in the creation of the new software. The Asha 501 smartphone gives users the possibility to swipe side to side in order to multitask between different applications, a function that is already familiar to Nokia Lumia users.

The Finnish manufacturer had to adopt measures for the development of the cheaper smartphones because the 2013 report has been rather disappointing. Despite the new smartphone collections released on the market, Nokia sold 11 million fewer handsets than they initially predicted, the sales of the basic models plunging 21 percent to 55.8 million units.

Stephen Elop, the chief executive officer of Nokia, put the blame for the decrease on several factors. According to him, phone sales have plunged as a result of the intense competition existing among smartphone makers. He explained that the company needed to focus on the revival of the cheaper models to determine customers to return. The Asha handsets were the phones that were more appropriate for the new software update, in his opinion.

Timo Toikkanen, head of Nokia’s basic-phone unit, is very optimistic in relation to Nokia’s Asha 501 model. He told the media that the upgraded phone raises the bar for the rest of the affordable models and, therefore, increases chances for customers to show interest in it.

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