NHL video game introduces female players

Thanks to a letter of frustration that a teenage girl sent to EA Sports’ NHL video game creators, the game now introduces female players, so people of both genders would feel more comfortable playing it. The female player option will be present in NHL 12, which will be released on Tuesday, Yahoo! News reports.

NHL video game creators have decided to introduce female characters in the game, after they received a letter which opened their eyes regarding the needs of their clients. One girl from Buffalo, New York, Lexi Peters, who, at 14 years old, is a fan of the video game, became frustrated of the fact that when playing with her brother, she could not create a female player, to better impersonate herself.

Advised by her father, she sent letters of protest to Peter Moore, EA Sports COO, calling the lack of gender option “unfair to women and girl hockey players around the world”. Her letters were analyzed and sent to the executive producer of the NHL series, David Littman. According to Globe & Mail, Littman said: “My first thought was that we want to make people happy with our game. And here’s one girl who wasn’t happy playing our game.”

So the new idea was brought to the creative team and they started working on it. And in order to repay the 14-year-old who had the courage to stand for an idea that she believed was right, the creators of the game asked her for several photos of her face, in order to create a character that looks exactly like her. “Lexi may or may not ever play in the NHL. But here she gets to play in the NHL, in the virtual world”, added Littman.

The female characters may look different from male characters, but they can do the same things: make passes, score goals, block shots and fight as well as men can.

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