New Messenger App Introduced by Facebook

Facebook announced that they will be introducing a new messaging app on smartphones. The official announcement was made by the famous social network on Wednesday. According to Facebook, users will no longer be able to send and receive messages without having this app installed. 

So, what users will have to do is to install a separate messaging app to be able to still send and receive messages on Facebook.

A series of users have already been notified regarding this change. Users from France, England, as well as many other European countries received the message on Wednesday. 

At this point all that Facebook did was to notify users on the change that it plans on doing.

Users are notified to install the standalone Messenger app if they want to still be able to send and receive messages. Eventually, users from all countries will have to install the app, a spokesperson for Facebook claimed. 

Why this move? According to Facebook, the new app was released with the purpose to help users enjoy a more qualitative experience, a spokesman for the company said. The new Messenger app will offer users the possibility to access more features, which can actually make their whole experience better. 

“We have built a fast and reliable messaging experience through Messenger and now it makes sense for us to focus all our energy and resources on that experience,” the statement released by Facebook said.  

While Facebook says that its only purpose in releasing this app is the fact that they want to provide a better usability, some seem to believe that the company is actually trying to beat the competition. Facebook is currently dealing with increased competition from messaging apps such as Snapchat and Line, which are enjoying quite a spectacular popularity. 

Facebook expects the new app to be a success, but analysts claim that it can also cause a backlash from some customers, who may think that the new Facebook move is actually heavy-handed. Some blog posts already claim that this is a bad idea. However, what people will think and how they will see the new change is something about to see. 

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. It currently has more than 1.2 billion users. The messaging feature from the main Facebook app will be pulled out to introduce a new mobile app to increase interaction between users. 

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