New James Bond Trailer Featuring Daniel Craig Has Been Released

A new James Bond trailer featuring Daniel Craig has been released on Monday, according to People magazine. Just like the previous productions, the 23rd James Bond movie promises a lot of action, intelligent and well-trained secret agents, as well as sexy actresses.

“Skyfall” is the new James Bond that will be released on November 9, this year. The actor that was chosen for the prestigious role in the movie was Daniel Craig. Producers selected him because he has the right assets to continue the legacy of the famous secret agent, that is, he is intelligent, sober and, most importantly, he is perfectly trained for the part.

The format of the movie is more or less the same: the MI6 agent is confronted with a new threat and for that, he has to go through a series of life and death challenges to complete the mission. The producers of the movie have, nevertheless, promised that there will be new elements, as well, in the 23rd motion picture. For starters, they have included the French actress Bérénice Marlohe, who will interpret the new James Bond girl named Severine.

The clip does not reveal too many details of the movie; it is rather made out of a series of powerful images bound together by the dissonant and alarmingly repetitive soundtrack. In the beginning of the trailer, the new James Bond is subject to an inquiry which sums up all the information there is to know about the agent. He answers his inquisitor’s one-word questions naming England as his country of origin and confessing that his “employment” presupposes the job of performing “murders”. The word that Daniel Craig chooses in the brief trailer to describe himself is “provocateur” and we must agree with him that this adjective is probably the most appropriate for the James Bond character.

In the new movie, Bond must decide whether to sacrifice the mission or his loyalty to M, Dame Judi Dench, who declared in recent interviews that this could be her last 007 movie. In fact, the film came very close to not being released because producers were forced to postpone it as a consequence of their financial problems. If only James Bond could destroy recessions…

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