New iPad’s Heat System – Not An Issue

Reporters at CNET News have performed various tests to see whether the heat system of the new iPad is flawed. According to them, the heat system provided on Apple’s new tablet is not an issue, so users need not worry about the integrity of their devices.

Tests have shown that the 2012 Apple tablet tends to get warmer than its predecessor; however, analysts reassure owners that the heating system of the device is good. Moreover, the new iPad reaches a temperature that is similar to that of many laptops used in similar conditions. The tests that have been performed were aimed to determine various aspects, such as, the heat output and the wireless performance.

Results prove that the tablet is perfectly functional; therefore, the new iPad will remain the best sold product in the following months. The tests were performed with the help of a thermometer called Heat Seeker which was used to measure the temperature at the four corners of both iPad 2 and the new iPad. The initial measurements were taken at full brightness after the tablets were powered on. Since entertainment activities are the ones that usually cause devices to heat, analysts at CNET have measured the temperature while playing Infinity Blade 2 and watching movies on Netflix.

In the end, analysts were able to determine that the highest level of temperature is registered around the area of the Apple logo on the back of the tablet. The thermometer showed that the heat can get up to 98 degrees in that area, depending on the activities you perform and the position you use while holding your tablet. Despite this, the temperature is normal for a device, so the heat system won’t bother the owners of the new iPad in the future.

The new iPad is not dangerous for the body, either. Tests have shown that the device is not capable of producing so much heat as to cause burns on the skin when held on the lap. Analysts have even provided an explanation for the fact that Apple’s new tablet gets warmer than iPad 2: the new device uses more LED lights due to its higher resolution.

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  1. “Moreover, the new iPad reaches a temperature that is similar to that of many laptops used in similar conditions.”

    Sheez…and these were supposed to replace laptops.

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