New Hampshire results 2012

After a series of televised debates the New Hampshire caucus is finally over bringing hopes for some candidates and disillusionment for others. Reuters reports that the results of the 2012 New Hampshire contest were in favor of the Republican Mitt Romney.

Everybody was expecting Romney to win given his evolution during the recent debates. It will be hard for the other opponents to stop Romney considering that he has won both the Iowa and the New Hampshire caucuses. His victory was no longer a mere chance because the Republican detached himself by the rest of the candidates by 12 points.

Exit polls have shown that electors were impressed by Romney’s ideological spectrum. It was hard for Republican rivals to point to one of Romney’s weaknesses because there isn’t one. He gained voters’ attention thanks to his speeches which were always comfortable as opposed to the ones of the other Republicans.

The next caucus will take place in South Carolina where analysts think Romney will be unbeatable, once again. Even so, Romney’s backers are afraid that the Republican will score fewer points in the Palmetto State as a result of the negative ads that have been displayed about him.

Ron Paul’s New Hampshire results were better than the ones in Iowa. Last week, the Republican occupied the third place, whereas electors have brought him on the second place this time.

Jon Huntsman amazed analysts due to his unexpected comeback. The Republican made it to the third place at New Hampshire even though the initial poll results showed that he was not very popular among electors. The politician was encouraged by this large percentage of votes to continue his race for the presidential election.

Anti-Romney conservatives represented by Rick Santorum stand no chance against Mitt Romney. Santorum’s success at the Iowa’s elections was long time forgotten because the results of the latest caucus have placed him on the fourth place of electors’ preferences.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich finished out of the top three in New Hampshire, which means that he has lost terrain to the other candidates. He told reporters that he plans to focus on jobs in South Carolina and he hopes this topic will bring him more votes.

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