New Angry Birds Game Moves In Outer Space

As addictive and entertaining Angry Birds got, chances are most of you are tired of the same gameplay and setting by now. And the Seasons and Rio sequels weren’t exactly different from the original version, but since the game remains interesting, many users continued playing the same game, although with much less enthusiasm. But, that’s over now, as the new Angry Birds game moves in outer space starting March 22.

If you got past the excitement of the news, now cool down and remember there’s more than a month before you will actually get to play the new game. And to be honest, the teaser Rovio released doesn’t make the waiting game any more fun. 

The teaser is mysterious enough, and apart from the presence of “Space” in the headline, there aren’t additional details to give us a heads up regarding new levels, graphic and weapons. However, the trailer does read: “One small fling for a bird. One quantum leap for birdkind”. And to be honest, it’s enough to make me curious about the novelty Rovio is going to bring. 

The Yahoo’s Plugged In Blog writes about the new Angry Birds game: “you’ll be lobbing birds on entirely new planets while contending with zero gravity, leading to new gameplay elements like slow-motion puzzles and lightspeed destruction”. And Yahoo also writes about some sort of partnership between NASA, National Geographic and Angry Birds, but with no specifics to go over, we’ll just have to wait for the release date.

Considering the raving success the sequels Seasons and Rio had, Angry Birds in space will probably break records. Rovio marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka told CNNMoney: “What we’re building is an entertainment franchise. Obviously entertainment is a lot more than just games. We think that the business we’re going after is significantly bigger than just games”.

All in all, Angry Birds has become a game that everybody plays. From  moms, to office managers and business executives to children, teenagers and grandparents. Angry Birds products sell all over with raving success, with over 20,000 branded products available. As Versterbacka explains: “when you have a loved brand, it will take physical form – toys, all kinds of physical products”.

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